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SimMetric Driver Performance Labs is proud to be partnered with a number of series, teams, suppliers, and manufacturers. Want to partner your organization with SimMetric Driver Performance Labs? Contact us to learn more.


CXC Simulations

Official Partner & Dealer

CXC Simulations was founded in early 2007 by Chris Considine, the son of noted automotive journalist Tim Considine and a former racer himself. As a high-tech engineering firm that has revolutionized the design and manufacture of advanced personal racing simulation equipment, CXC enjoys a low profile as word of mouth and industry knowledge keep customers seeking out the Motion Pro II. CXC is proud of this fact and is confident that further innovation means continued success in the auto racing simulator industry.

Setting CXC Simulations’ products apart from the rest of the professional racing simulator world is the fact that these highly-specialized devices are not only practical in a professional race team setting, but also for use by motoring clubs, racing schools, specialized retail environments and, of course, in the home.

Each of CXC’s simulators is individually assembled, tested, installed and fully supported after sale. CXC understands that just like no two units we produce are alike, neither are the situations in which they are placed. Our broad understanding of specific customer needs, as well as the expertise required to fill those needs, is the foundation of our success. The simple fact is that a CXC simulator is a precision motorsports tool, and in racing, consistent high-quality results are never the result of luck. Our job is to see that drivers are tuned as finely as the machines they drive and our goal is to make good drivers better than they are now.

CXC understands that there is also a recreational side to professional racing simulators. Driving to the limit with knife-edge control, comparing lap times among friends and colleagues, competing in online racing leagues and developing a finer appreciation of just what it takes to really be a racecar driver are all integral parts of the racing simulator experience. Those who have tried CXC's Motion Pro II know exactly what CXC is talking about, whether they are professional drivers or simply motorsports enthusiasts.

CXC Simulations is quite fortunate to have some very high-visibility names and companies as clients. In a number of cases, CXC has strict confidentiality agreements with entities such as automobile manufacturers and race teams, which prohibit them from identifying their users. Among their less “camera shy” clients, they are proud to list Mitsubishi Motors, the Dubai royal family and World Class Motoring’s headquarters store in Calabasas, as well as an ever-growing group of serious vintage and professional race drivers all over the world.


VBOX Motorsport

Official Dealer